10 things I learnt..

This past weekend, I was able to team up with Michelle Vizzuso Crawford at the 2013 Superfit games held here in Charlotte!  Michelle is like family to me; in fact, most weeks I see her more than I see my own fiancé.  However, competing with her had my nerves all kinds of jacked up! This past year she was an athlete at the Crossfit Games, making her one of the top 40 crossfit athletes in the WORLD!! Holy accomplishment!

10. At the start of WOD( workout of the day) , it will be beneficial to close my eyes and take a deep breath. I will not be getting another one until the WOD is finished.

9.Her face was priceless when I went to clean #185 instead of the required #135. Nothin’ like feelin’ like a rookie!

8. You can take the girl out of New Jersey, but you CAN NOT take the Jersey out of the girl!

7. Instantly you have people wanting you to win and fail at the same time. Oh, the irony!

6.The camera is always in your face. Sweet, I  now have more Facebook & Instagram pics showing how hard it is going to be squeezing in my wedding dress.

5. Two white girls with bootay + high reps of squat cleans =  our saving grace.

4. We need a team mom. Two women who have always been involved in fitness show up with zero food, no water, and not a single chair to sit on for a 12 hour event. THANK YOU to everyone who supported the needy.

3. Always look good: outfit change for each event, makeup, and nails painted. We need everything to cover up the dreaded blue knee sleeves. I feel like such a poser.

2.As her teammate, you will need to have photography skills. Our own damn judge asked us to pause before the workout so she could get a picture with Michelle.

1.Don’t expect a full on “victory” hug. This ain’t her first rodeo!

Victory hug


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